4-6PM Disco Shawn @ The Church Key
He has been around quite some time, spending quite a bit of his years on UC Berkeley's KALX. His current project, Tormenta Tropical has been touring the country which he found his influences from living in Argentina. He's got 2 hours that he'll be spinning, no reason not to catch this local.

4:20-5:30PM Janelle Monae @ Main Stage
Anytime Big Boi does a song with you, you know you're headed in the right direction. Janelle has been incredibly busy as of late, scoring a performance on ESPN's ESPY awards. Now she'll be in our back yard. She's due back next on August 15th at Outside Lands Festival.

6-7PM Neon Indian @ Main Stage
If we were to give you 5 guesses on where Neon is Indian from, we'd bet that Denton, TX would not be on the top of the list. They have sold out the Mezzanine and are going to be heading out on the road with Phoenix later this year. Grab a New Belgium beer and watch these cats on the main stage, don't forget your sunscreen.

7-8PM Citay @ Columbus Cafe
FYM, planned on trying to make it up to see Citay in Sonoma at a festival for a winery that had Citay, The Fruit Bats and Vetiver but the schedule didn't work out. Make sure to snag a sight of them here before they head out to Europe.

7-8PM Sonny & the Sunsets @ Savoy Tivoli
These kids are still pretty fresh off their signing with Fat Possum Records. FYM managed to catch their Daytrotter session that they did for the Noise Pop Festival, but we didn't get to see them live there. We're planning to make up for that mistake this time.

11-Midnight Birds & Batteries @ Maggie McGarry's
This is going to be the best way to close out the night. There's been plenty of press recently on Birds & Batteries and we're going to see what all the fuss is about. If their live show is anything like their recorded stuff, we think you're going to be in for a treat.

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