South African rap group Die Antwoord is truly one of the most intriguing new artists of 2010. There is great debate about their authenticity and the seriousness (or lack thereof) of their eclectic style, which is very reminiscent of the debate over The Darkness several years ago (but let's hope Die Antwoord sticks around longer than The Darkness).

Every now and then, record store mecca Amoeba posts entertaining videos of various bands and artists browsing through one of their stores and explaining why they bought some of the merchandise they bought. Die Antwoord is featured in the most recent one, and unsurprisingly, it's one of the more humorous ones.

The group spent their time in Amoeba shopping for South Park action figures, the memoir written by Eminem's mother, Aphex Twin's entire discography, and a UFC DVD, among other things. Watch it here:

Die Antwoord's live show probably shouldn't be missed. They're playing with M.I.A. amongst a wildly solid Los Angeles Hard Fest lineup on July 17. More info here.

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