The U.S. Air Guitar Regional Championships were held Saturday June 5th, 2010 at the Fillmore in San Francisco. We were naturally stoked to go witness the event held at such a historical place! But as we walked through the doors and grabbed our complimentary apple, massive boos from the crowd could be heard.

The heckling from the crowd also led to beer tossing, but not at the performers, instead the judges. With most of the aggression focused at one judge in particular, Mr. Aesop. He completely brought down the vibe of the show with his brand of drunken mean spirited, negative energy, it was simply unbearable. Now FYM, received complimentary tickets to the event, but to the other fans who spent the $30 plus ticket price, it was very understandable why they were hurling $8 beers to the rafters.

Minus the bloated ego in the balcony, the show could have been very entertaining.

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