In 2013 Independent Clauses celebrates their 10-year music blog anniversary. Coinciding with this achievement, they are set to release a compilation of cover tunes celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Postal Service's GIVE UP. The full album will be coming out later this month, but for now, Independent Clauses has posted a lovely-three song single of Such Great Heights. Listen below:

FYM asked Seattle's Kris Orlowski to share his thoughts on contributing to this exciting new comp: Stephen from Independent Clauses told me about an opportunity to be a part of a tribute compilation disc for the Postal Service and I couldn’t say no. As a Washington native and a fan of the band growing up, it seemed like the perfect way to pay homage to the band and Seattle music while doing something fun with my friend and producer Jonathan Warman. 

“Such Great Heights” is a blessing and a curse because the song has already been covered really well and the original stands on its’ own – but it’s my favorite song, so I had to cover it…  Jonathan is the brains behind the production, instrumentation and direction. I helped with arrangement and voicing, but he is the magician. -Kris

FYM remembers discovering the Postal Service via a mixtape swap night in Illinois during the fall of 2003. Our friend put Nothing Better on a tape for us, and we instantly fell in love with the delicate landscapes of digital heartbreak. We send our congratulations to Independent Clauses for 10 years blogging, visit their website HERE. Find Kris Orlowski in a town near you, currently on tour with Sara Watkins! Click HERE for dates. THEY LIVE! Cheers, FYM.

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