In case you missed President's of the United States of America & Campfire OK's sold out show at Showbox Market last night, you are in LUCK! The Seattle notables are playing again tonight at the Showbox Market for a déjà vu round two -Which we will absolutely be attending.

This past January FYM was invited to come along for the ride during Campfire OK's latest video shoot for their new single When You Have Arrived. Watch the video below:

When You Have Arrived is the title track off their new 7 song EP (released this weekend). It's a tune any early rising, hard working Seattle artist can relate to. -Those people who've been working towards something, yet aren't quite where they want to be. While also examining the relationship between FAME and creating something for yourself (yet still wanting to make a living off your dream passion).

Campfire OK is one of the most promising Seattle bands we've seen on the COME UP in the past couple years. They have a unique sound we can't put our finger on, yet continues to make us want more. Check below for more photos from FYM's 4 hours cutting work/sledding session with the band. Wishing Them The Best- Cheers! FYM.



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