Relentless Approach is a hardcore band from Omaha Nebraska offering a bizarre and brilliant twist to an often times, formulaic genre. The life and career of Christopher George Latore Wallace, best known as The Notorious B.I.G., provides the sonic inspiration behind the bands tunes. Last week Relentless Approach, released a music video that is start to finish, cinematic perfection. Watch Notorious Thugs below:

It's hard to describe how much we truly love this video Relentless Approach made. The beauty begins from the set up, with torch building and cats roaming. -Cutting to the They Live We Sleep spray painted John Carpenter reference, cruising to the motorcycle riding fire burning, explosive finale. It is a great example of concept and execution set to a epic gritty soundtrack.

Thomas Parkinson is the founder of Relentless Approach, and an old midwest scene brother of ours. FYM was so blown away after seeing the new music video, that we had to get a hold of Tom for an interview on his latest music project.

FYM: I noticed you have a lot of Notorious B.I.G. references in your music, including the band name. Could you tell me a little bit about the creative decision to base a hardcore band around that? I personally feel it's a brilliant statement on the aggressiveness of hardcore music paired with the gritty themes of Biggie's music.

Thomas Parkinson: For the biggie references, I noticed a lot of my contemporaries either would be choosing "straight edge" or "party-life" themed motifs for their bands and I just wanted to do something different, rise above that mentality so to speak.

FYM: How did Relentless Approach form? And why did you decide to make the move to Omaha?

Thomas Parkinson: As far as the genesis of the band, I started it with the help of a few young friends in the QC (Quad Cities, Illinois/Iowa) who helped me record the first 7". The goal for the band in the beginning was to tour, and that was clear with the original band. As my interests leaned towards touring, I found musicians in Omaha to fill out my touring band and eventually they became a permanent addition.

FYM: How is the hardcore scene in Omaha?

Thomas Parkinson: Omaha rules, not only for hardcore, but many other different genres. Tons of people supporting each other, unlike the QC where everyone has shitty attitudes.

FYM: Could you tell me a little bit about the concept of the video relating to your music? Where do you get all those fireworks at the end?

Thomas Parkinson: The video has no relation to the music, or even a message on general. A few friends of mine and myself wanted to blow some shit up and we might have seen too many Steve McQueen films in our youth. The explosion is about $75 worth of gasoline.

FYM: What are the bands plans in 2013?

Thomas Parkinson: As for 2013, I forecast a lot of touring, blown up amps, an LP, and mammoth hangovers.

Special thanks to Tom for the interview. Catch Relentless Approach touring the West Coast now! More info on Facebook here. Cheers, FYM.

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