When we last left Pickwick, it was 10 months ago- February 2012. The band was performing yet another sold out show at the Neptune Theatre (999 capacity) in Seattle Washington.  It was the 5th time we had seen the band play live in 7 months and the crowds continued to grow.

What's incredible about Pickwick, is how their brand of rock around the clock Northwest indie-soul, was connecting with a wide range of fan demographics live: hip kids, scenesters, bloggers, respected peers, parents bringing their children, and annoying sorority girls alike- all coming out in the name of good music.

Pickwick made a smart move laying low locally for the rest of 2012... really building a buzz because of it. Their debut album will be announced very soon, and we have loved their mysterious brand-building teaser videos the band has been posting recently (shown above and below).

Tonight live at the Showbox, Pickwick will play in front of a sold out audience, ringing in the New Year with 1,100 fans, along with dream pop locals Tomten and Portland kool kids Radiation City. FYM will be there taking in the party, snapping photos and documenting the night.

We are most looking forward to hearing new jams like Brother Roland live. We wish Pickwick great success as they make their big push across North America in 2013. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the country catches up with what the Northwest already knows. Cheers, FYM.


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