To say that Metric had a tough day before they came on stage at the Oakland Arena would be an understatement. They showed up to the Bay Area, only to learn that their gear from Miami the day prior, did not make it with them. One has to assume that Metric went into a pure scramble to figure out how to perform without any of their equipment at all.

Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric came out and completely pulled it off with an acoustic guitar, tambourine, and a piano!

The duo started off the evening performing 'Help I'm Alive' featuring Emily on the piano. With the lyrics I tremble, they're going to eat me alive, it only seem'd appropriate as FYM thinks they had to be incredibly stressed, coming out to play a set that was completely unexpected.

They even worked in a cover by Bob Dylan called 'Don't Think Twice, It's All Right' because as Emily has put it, she's a hippie. To close out the evening, Metric finished with their single  'Gimme Sympathy' to an ecstatic crowd in Oakland. Metric acoustic was a special evening, although surely the duo would have preferred to have the whole band on stage with them.

Sometimes mistakes create something special and Oakland was privy to exactly that Friday night. Listen to Metric's latest release Synthetica above, or purchase HERE. Cheers, FYM.


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