Yesterday, October 30th 2012, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis + vocalist Mary Lambert showcased their groundbreaking marriage equality hip hop single Same Love to the masses on the Ellen show. Watch the powerful performance below:

Released earlier this year in mid-July, it's a song the Northwest is very familiar with. Same Love is a ferociously intelligent stab at backwards viewpoints, promoting love, hope and basic civil rights for all. Since its initial release, the single has been picking up national notice, as well as becoming an all-purpose anthem to support referendum 74 in Washington State (which puts the legalization of same-sex marriage to a public vote).

The official video for the single was released at the beginning of October. It's a moving story of two men, and the evolution of their loving relationship, together through life. FYM's decision to post this article today in support of the single, and marriage equality is two-fold. (Official Single Artwork Below)

First, the election is less than a week away (November 6th 2012). Secondly, TODAY my wife and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary (marking 11 years of dating). We believe in LOVE, honesty and the respect of others. We believe there is no question, same-sex couples should be allowed the same civil rights/marriage opportunities as we have.  Free to be you and me, that's equality. Cheers FYM.

for Young Moderns BONUS PHOTOS:

(Above: Art Director J Thomas with Mary Lambert, Below: Designer/Writer Emily C with Macklemore)

Part of the perks of living in Seattle... randomly running into incredible talents like Mary Lambert, and Macklemore over the past few months.