Our third day at Outside Lands 2012 was spent watching the incredible talents of Allen Stone, Fun, Regina Spektor, Jack White and Stevie Wonder conquer the Lands End main stage. Below are a few highlights from our final day at this premier art°music°culture festival.

FYM arrived early last Sunday to catch Allen Stone represent Seattle! Over the past few years, minus a publicist or record label, Stone has heavily made a name for himself in the American soul underground. When his 2011 self-titled album was released digitally, it climbed up to the Top 5 on iTunes R&B/Soul charts.

In July 2012, Allen Stone's self-titled debut finally made its national vinyl release, via ATO Records. Allen Stone's music is a perfect paring of love conquers all vocals, socially conscious happy people soul, finished with a touch of MJ pop-prowess.

It's hard to get people moving at noon on a Sunday morning, after two days of ruthless music. But Allen Stone's charisma live, won over the SF crowd quickly—ending in a left vs. right audience dance-off.

NYC pop-chart toppers FUN. were a surprise highlight of our final day at Outside Lands 2012. Fun. frontman Nate Ruess, formerly of The Format, carries a huge voice, and a sincere stage persona that caters to the masses.

What truly won us over was Fun's cover of You Can't Always Get What You Want, by the Rolling Stones. Their version can obviously never top Mick/Keith's version, but it was an impressive addition, to their polished live performance.

Watching Jack White (under any creative sonic moniker) play guitar in person, is always a thrill to see. That day FYM was expecting a long journey through White's 2012 solo-release Blunderbuss, but instead, we were given a career spanning performance of spine-chilling hits.

Jack White played amazing cuts off Blunderbuss, while rotating full-band countrified versions of Raconteurs, The White Stripes and Dead Weather  staples. It was a true pleasure hearing the full gamut of White's songwriting skills, packed into one unforgettable festival setting.

White closed out his performance with a true-to-form Seven Nation Army rendition that unified the audience. After witnessing several mind-blowing guitar solos from his set, FYM hung back, watched the fog roll in, and listened to Stevie Wonder from a far. It was truly a marathon weekend, and FYM couldn't have asked for a better experience covering our third year in a row of Outside Lands 2012 Music Festival.

FYM BONUS PHOTO: Art Director J. Thomas Codling caught our publicist Nick 'The Fresh Maker' Codling in the perfect Mentos  moment this weekend (they were handing them out for free at the gate).

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