This past Friday the 13th, FYM enjoyed an evening of live music from two buzzworthy Seattle bands. The night started off with classic tunes spun by DJ Jacob James of SHIPS. His curation was an added bonus, which loosened up the crowd, lending toward a more lively audience once the bands took stage.

Garrett Vandercrimp was an engaging opening act, serving up a powerful solo performance under his one-man moniker Prism Tats. Garrett wowed us with his soaring heart-felt vocals, while rocking a kick drum and a couple Danelectros. Listen to his new single Pacifist Masochist (released yesterday) via bandcamp below:

The vibe in the room as Campfire Ok took stage last Friday was a heady charge. Both the audience at the Crocodile, and the band all seemed ready for an incredible sonic experience. For those of you not in the know, Campfire Ok is a driving mixture of foot-stomping keyboard rock, paired with dramatic lyrical sensibilities, anchored in an organic head-spinning energy. Their debut record Strange Like We Are, has been a constant staple on FYM HQ's speakers this past year.

But this performance was all about knew beginnings. Campfire Ok championed a bevy of tunes last Friday from their new album (still to be released) titled, When You Have Arrived. Lead singer Mychal Cohen of Campfire Ok was a vibrant spirit on stage sharing their latest material. He sang with grand passion and sincerity.

Mychal's vocal counterpart Melodie Knight, has a staggering electricity to her stage presence. Her connection with Mychal live is an undeniable bond. The entire band for that matter was full-steam ahead that night. FYM loves the variety of instruments and percussive elements the band uses to create this expansive sound live. Listen to their signature track off their last album, Strange Like We Are below:

A special thanks to everyone involved, for putting together such an amazing event. Visit FYM on Facebook HERE to view even more photos from Campfire Ok's remarkable performance last Friday night.

BONUS PHOTOS: CAMPFIRE OK (click to expand for greater detail)

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