Daniel Lopatin, presumably reeling after his beloved Boston Celtics were defeated by the Miami Heat in the NBA semifinals last week, can take solace in the fact that he has built himself a career not only as half of synth pop duo Ford & Lopatin, but also his sprawling and experimental yet more famous project, Oneohtrix Point Never. "Experimental" is such a difficult word to apply to artists like Lopatin as it implies a level of uncertainty, but Lopatin and his collaborators sound like they know exactly what they're doing on 0PN's new release: the remix EP Dog In The Fog: Replica Collaborations & Remixes.

Dog in the Fog contains four tracks of remixes of songs from Oneohtrix Point Never's excellent 2011 album Replica. Released digitally this past Tuesday on Software Recording Co., this release is yet another very strong EP in 2012 (Daniel Rossen, Burial, and Lapalux have also delivered some landmark EPs this year). The EP's most fascinating track is arguably the remix of "Replica" by Matmos, as they apply some of the glitch genius aesthetics of their own music along with fittingly quirky vocal and viola contributions from fellow "experimentalist" Limpe Fuchs. The result is an unreasonably addictive collage of sounds; simply put, one of those pieces of music in which you'll discover something new with every repeated listen:

Elsewhere on the EP, another highlight is when electronic legend Surgeon turns "Remember" into his own blue icy soundscape. Fans of more traditional OPN sound, or those familiar with the more ambient end of the electronic music spectrum, might feel more at home with this one.

Oneohtrix Point Never, long overdue for a trip to the West Coast, tours the East Coast and Europe this month through August:

6/20 •New York City, NY - Webster Hall w/ Liars
6/22 •Washington, DC - Hirshhorn Museum
7/05 •Frankfurt, Germany - Robert Johnson
7/06Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde Festival
7/07London, England - Bloc Festival
7/08Den Hague, Netherlands - Holland North Sea Jazz Festival
7/14 •New York City, NY - River to River Festival w/ David Lang
7/15 •Chicago, Illinois - Pitchfork Music Festival
8/10 •Helsinki, Finland - Flow Festival
8/25 •Brooklyn, NY - Public Assembly

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