To really understand how much love and respect we have for Across Tundras, you would have to travel back to the early 2000's, during the height of the Iowa/Illinois punk/hardcore/screamo scene. If you were there, then you understand the incredible bonds, friendships, music and sense of COMMUNITY that was built so many years ago.

With that being said, last Saturday in Seattle, FYM was delighted to reconnect with two musicians (Left: Tanner Olson, Right: Dennis Hockaday) who we grew up watching in the back rooms of low-lit coffee shops, eagle reception halls and DIY clubs throughout the Midwest.

Music Background: Now Nashville-based Olson, was once a part of some of the most influential/jaw-dropping Iowa hardcore/screamo bands we have ever seen perform live: Spirit Of Versailles, Examination Of The... and In Loving Memory. (Pictured Above: Our Exam t-shirt FYM's Emily C. continues to wear to this day) Hockaday is also a seasoned rocker in the Midwest scene, having played in Meth & Goats (in our book, Quad Cities Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame status), Mondo Drag and idpyramid.

Pictured Above: We took the guys out, bought them coffee from our favorite shop (Uptown), and toured downtown Seattle last Saturday. You may also notice the interpretive dancer and vibrant blue trees in the background at Westlake Park.

After a hazy sun-filled afternoon, FYM found ourselves in Capitol Hill at the Highline (a venue/bar that serves only vegan food). Being a lifelong vegetarian, this was a heavenly place (the food is #Boss). We also couldn't help but take note of all the white heavily-tattooed, dreadlock-clad, metal vegan dudes that were out in abundance that evening for the show (cheers to the man wearing the one-man wolf pack, cutoff jean-jacket).

That night, Across Tundras delivered a relentless set of expansive rock n' roll meditations. Filled with cinematic qualities, their tunes spark your imagination, an ideal soundtrack for people riding out a spirit journey through the desert. The third member of this trio, heavy-hitting drummer Casey Perry (whom we didn't get to hang out with as much as Dennis and Tanner) definitely made his presence known live that night.

Across Tundras were given a warm reception from the Seattle audience, it was truly a pleasure to see these guys perform. The band has been truckin' back to the Midwest this past week, with only a couple dates left in their tour. The cherry on top after a long trip on the road will be recording a session with Daytrotter.com this month.

FYM Giveaway: Enter to win a copy of Across Tundras brilliant Neurot Recordings debut SAGE! Simply email FYM's Publicist Nick 'ball so hard muhfuckas wanna fine me' Codling (nick@forYoungModerns.com) with 'THEY LIVE' in the subject line. Please include your name and address, we will randomly select a winner and notify them on June 15th, 2012.

Bonus Photos: (Click image above to expand for greater detail) Visit forYoungModerns on Facebook HERE to view the entire black and white photo-set from Across Tundras live in Seattle. Cheers, FYM.