Coyote Kisses, what can I say, sometimes a group just gets it. Comprised of two life-long friends from Lakeland Florida, Bryce Bresnan and Joe Suss had their first success with Acid Wolfpack. The song hit Hype Machine's coveted #1 spot its first day out and was soon picked up for re-release on their debut EP with Burn the Fire Records. The EP hit Beatport's Top Ten Releases after only two days on sale. Listen to the introspective ambiance of Acid Wolfpack below:

Their sound steers away from all the simplicity being heard from basement soundclouders out there. It’s purely refreshing and striking -Compositionally, the musical talent is awe-inspiring. With breathtaking melodies straight out of the cockpit of A Space Odyssey, Coyote Kisses are already redefining a future genre of production. Using filthy synths and crusty bass lines this is Ronald Jenkees on steroids.

If you enjoy eargasms inside the space-time-continuum, get your favorite headphones or speakers and put this on blast. See you on the other side, and bring your lasers. Listen to their fuck me sideways dance party remix of John Williams classic score The Hologram - Binary Sunset- from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope below:

Catch Coyote Kisses in Dever this Friday, May 11th at The Summit. Visit their SoundCloud page HERE for more stellar jams. Cheers, FYM. (words by Josh 'it's always on your terms' Meumann). 


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