Saturday night, the FYM Seattle crew hopped in our DeLoreans and were transported back to July 3rd, 1985. The one night only showing of Back to the Future at the Uptown Cinema in Queen Anne could be compared to the feeling and excitement of the films opening night nearly 27 years ago.

SIFF, along with Emerald City Comicon teamed up to bring a special event which included a live appearance from Lea 'I would never sit in a parked car with a boy' Thompson, who gave a pre-screening interview. Thompson arrived to the event, quite appropriately, with an entourage of Deloreans, from the Pacific NW DeLorean Club (Yes, this is a real thing apparently).

Nearly two dozen DeLoreans lined Queen Anne Ave -some with doors open, and full-on flashing flux capacitors shining from behind their bucket seats.

The evening also included a 'back to the fashion' costume contest, dressing in your favorite 50's/80's attire, with plenty of Marty's and Doc's sprinkled throughout the crowd.

FYM's Emily C. participated in the festivities, wearing her best 1950's prom scene attire (shown below). Although she didn't place in the contest (the Jennifer next to her was really impressive), it was still a great time.

As the movie started, the crowd was electric, crying out in joy clapping at every characters first on-screen appearance, laughing and cheering throughout the film, which, we're sure, everyone in that room had seen at least a dozen or more times. FYM has definitely seen the film a fair number of times, and although we could probably quote the entire movie word for word, sitting back and viewing the movie in such a gorgeous theater, felt almost like watching it for the first time.

It was an incredible treat to see one of our all-time childhood movies on the big screen! -As FYM watched we started picking up details and subtlety that after dozens, possibly hundreds of viewings, we had never seen before.

It was truly a magical night, and unlike any movie watching event we have experienced before. Although this was a unique event, Uptown is going to be continuing the theme, with their 'Back to The 80's' series with showings the rest of the month, a Scarface 'Shoot-a-long' on April 10th (free cap gun with admission), and Raiders of the Lost Ark on the 17th, both showing at 7:00PM. Visit SIFF HERE for ticket information. Cheers, FYM


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