In 2010 buzzworthy Brooklyn indie rockers -SUCKERS released a record that at first listen FYM immediately connected with- Wild Smile. The album is a complete artistic statement, filled with soul-crushing sonic magnetism, refreshing approaches to double-edged vocal power and spine-tingling songwriting skills. FYM Seattle continues to keep Wild Smile in our weekly rotation, it never tires of simply being brilliant.

Out of respect to just how much we continue to love Wild Smile- FYM didn't take writing a review of the SUCKERS follow-up lightly. Thanks to cool publicists we've been listening to Candy Salad in various states of consciousness over the past two weeks in order to really explore their latest release- out tomorrow, April 24th 2012.

The opening track -Nowhere is an expansive introduction into the world of Candy Salad. The jam is rich in soaring vocal harmonies, paired with whirling production flourishes (perfect for headphones) creating a digital-lantern lighting the way throughout the rest of our musical journey.

One thing that did standout to us at first listen -Candy Salad contains less raw, wailing falsetto vocal theatrics (which we absolutely loved on Wild Smile). Instead focusing on more reflective slow-burners, ideal for sun-squinting car rides on introspective Sundays.

But there's still a nice variety of emotions explored throughout. For instance, Track 2 -Figure It Out, delivers a straight forward foot-stomping pop tune. Other album highlights include Turn On The Sunshine -a sexually-charged island rhythm goldmine, Chinese Braille's soulful falsetto, the maze-like meditation that is Charmaine and Lydia (stay high). As a whole SUCKERS prove once again they have the ability to manifest a complete record worth listening to (over and over again).

This album isn't better or worse than Wild Smile, instead it sits confidently beside -perhaps a little more stoned and heart-broken this time around, but still surrounded with refreshing music perspectives perfect for summer road-trips and late-night conversations contemplating past mistakes. SUCKERS play live in Seattle at Neumos via Capitol Hill -Sunday May 13th, 2012 -buy tickets HERE. They Live, Cheers FYM.

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