FYM Midwest: DJ, dance connoisseur, and lifetime friend- Joshua David Meumann gives FYM his debut article on a new release that will entertain film-buffs and b-boys alike. His words below: Wick-it-The-Instigator hailing from Nashville Tennessee, brings quite a different thrill than you’d expect coming from the country music capital of the world. With his precise use of movie quotes and absolutely brilliant mash-up style -this DJ is making a stunning impression on the scene.

Wick-it-The-Instigator's latest full-length Grindhouse Basterds simply dominates. Inspired by many of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, this mash-up album takes you through an intoxicating bevy of sonic emotions. Mixing house/dubstep/hip-hop and a touch of genius THIS SET HITS HARD. The 1st track lays down exactly what will be going on throughout the entire mix, listen/DL below:

Grindhouse Basterds  is a collection of feel good trunk-thumping jams with a few sick drops and plenty of Tarantino film/soundtrack nostalgia. Turn this up loud, make sure you have some room to move around and get down to one of the best mash-up albums we’ve ever heard. To learn more about Wick-it the Instigator click HERE. Cheers, FYM


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