Last night, DFA Records digi-pop powerhouse YACHT performed live in Seattle at the Crocodile. It was an evening full of enlightening pleasantries, which FYM took full advantage of. 

Our first highlight of the show happened early on, as FYM socialite Emily C spotted YACHT founders Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans in the 21+ section of the club. Our brief encounter was incredibly delightful, and they were kind enough to have their picture taken with Emily C.

Bobby Birdman (who also performs as a touring member with YACHT) opened the night with a set of nostalgic dance driven visions. His simple set up- keyboard, guitar and drummer, created a vibrant sound that would have fit well in any classic John Hughes movie produced in the 80's. Up next was local favorites Secret Shoppers. Our apologies we missed their set, visit their Facebook HERE to learn more about the band.

During Bumbershoot 2011 FYM first witnessed the magic of what it is to see YACHT live. After that show they left us vowing to see them again the next time they rolled through Seattle. That next time was last night, and as good as they were live in a festival setting, nothing compares to seeing YACHT in such a wonderful landmark like the Crocodile.

Jona and Claire (pictued above) have an unparallelled bond when performing. Their stage presence could be best described as a kinetic ball of joy, understanding their crowd came to dance, fostering a be open to anything atmosphere with the audience. It was truly a freeing experience unlike anything we've seen before live in Seattle.

YACHT seemed to be determined to break any artist fan social boundaries, they genuinely make you feel like you are a part of their crew, no rock star ego, just an all-inclusive good time. Part of that openness with their audience involves YACHT's annual Q & A session they do during their set. Frontwoman Claire Evans fielded a handful of questions from the crowd. FYM's Emily C was picked by Claire to ask a question, and Emily responded by asking if she could come up and dance on stage. YACHT obliged and said she was welcome to come up at any time. 

After the Q & A was over YACHT just so happened to play our favorite jam, Tripped and Fell in Love, off their latest DFA release Shangri-La. Emily immediately decided to take stage leaving this art director behind to take photos of her. YACHT frontman Jona greeted her with a hug welcoming Emily C.

After we took a few decent photos of Emily dancing, the rest of the FYM crew felt compelled to come up and join her. Jona greeted all of us the same way, with a big hug, and we finished out the song on stage doing our best impression of dance sequences found in Pretty in Pink while singing along All my friends became my family!

YACHT brought the party to Seattle with thought provoking, tech-savvy sonic bliss. The FYM crew finished our evening in a fury of dance-floor boogie. (click horizontal photos to expand for detail)

YACHT seems to be a lifestyle choice, their ideals are enlightening, and they seem to truly love doing what they do. If you haven't heard YACHT's brilliant 2011 record Shangri-La click HERE. A special thanks goes out to the band for giving FYM such a thrilling, spontaneous, entertainingly unforgettable evening. Cheers, FYM.