FYM style icon Jonathan Chávez is a Midwest fashion go-getter based out of Chicago Illinois. In 2010 Chávez started the Humble Collective, it's a self-described, collaboration amongst friends to bring you a unique collection of items relating to: Fashion, Art, Culture, and Design.

Humble Collective finds unique art, vintage gems, classic luxe clothing staples- and then sells them via the HC online store. It's a high-end vintage shop for the digital age, and we LOVE Jon's taste as he puts each new collection together. Recently he was nice enough to answer a few questions we had regarding how Humble Collective came to be.

(Above Photo Credit: Majestic Disorder)

J Thomas: Why did you start Humble Collective?

Jonathan Chávez: I started Humble Collective as a sort of creative endeavor/hobby. I had been working at my brother's shop for quite some time (www.agentgallerychicago.com) and it really inspired me to want to do something similar, except keep it more clothes/fashion based. I teamed up with an SAIC graduate/friend of mine, Natalie, and we decided to gather a collection of pieces, clothes and objects that we found interesting and inspired us -that met a certain aesthetic of design and basically started a blog based on these things. It was a collective of ideas, we also started setting up minor photo shoots for some of our ideas and items.

J Thomas: Have your clothes been featured anywhere around Chicago?

Jonathan Chávez: I was recently contacted by the owner of Mignonette Bridal for a Boardwalk Empire themed photo shoot at Brimfield Chicago (brimfieldus.com) that is to hopefully get printed in CS Brides Magazine in the near future. We provided the Menswear for the shoot and the owner of Mignonette Bridal openly invited us to have a Menswear corner space in her shop (pictured above and also below).

In 2012, I want to focus more of the attention of the shop to be more vintage traditional Menswear while at the same time mixing it with unique elements and objects I encounter. (Pictured Below: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent, Long-Sleeved, Rose Button-Up Shirt: $45)

J Thomas: Where do you find your fashion picks/what do you look for?

Jonathan Chávez: I scout out all of my items at local estate sales, online sourcing, warehouses, and even thrifts at times. But I always like to have a traditional classic element to the pieces. I keep my inventory personal in the sense that I only like to deal in featuring items that I personally like or have owned in my own collection, if I don't like it, it's not something I want. (Below: 70's Bell Bottom Denim Slacks $35)

There is nothing "half-assed" about my selections, I'm a big fan of classic fits and certain fabrics. I like the idea of branding and recognition of a certain style, so as of late I'm currently investing some time to add small details to the pieces I find and adding things such as hang tags, hand stitched labels of our name on the actual clothing as a way to separate a suit from my shop from your average run of the mill vintage shop. (Pictured Below: Vintage Givenchy, Cream Double Breasted Jacket $50)

J Thomas: What are your plans for Humble Collective in 2012?

Jonathan Chávez: In the future I plan on doing more photo shoots and renting out our inventory for photos shoots while at the same time maintaining the shop. I also plan on becoming involved in more vintage/Menswear type of events in Chicago. I plan on collaborating more with Migonette Bridal in general and there's been talk of having a new up and coming vodka/liquor company come and sponsor a Menswear night where I can feature a collection of pieces sometime this 2012.

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