FYM's Emily 'Jean Pine, would be my pornstar name' Codling has taken it upon herself to comb the Netflix Instant archives for her Top 5 picks to get you into the Holiday spirit. We obviously aren't talking about the greatest Christmas films of all-time (Scrooged), we are talking about the best choices found in the limited selection Netflix Instant has to offer (a few classics and some awesomely bad ABC Family films). Enjoy!

Holiday in Handcuffs: What happens when two 90's teenage television stars get together fifteen years later for a made for TV Christmas film? Perfection! Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa 'Hi Sam' Darling from Clarissa Explains It All) and Mario Lopez (our favorite wrestling team captain, AC Slater from Saved by the Bell) share the screen in this ABC family Holiday love story in which Hart kidnaps Lopez and forces him to spend the Holidays with her family in a reclusive cabin posing as her successful boyfriend. Hilarity ensues as Lopez tries to escape, and Hart uses every tool in her arsenal to keep him there with his mouth closed. His anger turns to empathy in some 'only could happen in a movie' scenario, and they discover how compatible they really are.

Miracle On 34th Street: This pick is a two-fer. You can choose between the 1947 or 1994 version of this holiday classic about a crazy old man promising to give gifts to a little rich girl, resulting in a very publicized lawsuit. (Its true!) You can't go wrong with the original. Maureen O'Hara (from the Parent Trap) is just so beautiful, but that little girl from Matilda in the 90's remake is adorable too. Watch one, or watch them both.

Die Hard: Yes, it is a Christmas movie. It starts as a coke-filled, sex-laden work Christmas party... it turns ugly when a group of terrorists come in and take the guests hostage. Luckily, one employee is married to John McClane (big dick action hero) who kicks ass and takes names in this violent, blood-filled action packed mildly Christmas themed thriller.

Christmas Cupid: ABC family did it again making our list a second time with a modernized twist on the classic story, A Christmas Carol. Some no name television actress stars as Sloane, a work-aholic party planner who gets visited by ghosts of boyfriends past in an attempt to get her to realize the true meaning of Christmas. Predictable story lines and cheesy dialogue make this a great holiday must-watch. 

Fireplace for Your Home, Holiday Edition: It's exactly what you think it is... an hour and twenty minutes of warm your toes log burning bliss. Set a candle in front of the screen, and even those of us with studios in the city can feel like we are roasting marshmallows in a snow covered cabin. You can choose from two different episodes- the standard fireplace shot, or the 'yule log' special with instrumental holiday music playing softly in the background. After the presents have been opened, the fights have been forgotten, curl up with some hot chocolate and relax!

From all of us at forYoungModerns, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope your Holiday is filled with peace and love, along with plenty of champagne to carry on awkward family conversations Cheers, FYM