This week FYM is proud to present a crisp new video playlist for the month of October over at the forYoungModerns Channel featured on Cull.TV. Click the image above to check out our Top 20 music videos handpicked for your late night Autumn escapades. We've even decided to pepper-in a few of our favorite campy TV commercials and classic movie trailers to give our channel a more authentic viewing sensation. Below we spotlight just a taste of what to expect from our October forYoungModerns Video Playlist: It's the spirit of indie-pop San Francisco (our sister city) with an early in their career showstopper by Girls Lust for Life.

ABOUT THE PLAYLIST: As a part of the original MTV generation -our hearts remain in the 1980's with visuals from: Lita Ford, Erasure and Kate Bush. We've also dedicated a large portion of our video mix to the latest contemporary wonders -our favorite sonic mainstays on HEAVY ROTATION at FYM HQ with jams from: The Late Great Fitzcarraldos, SBTRKT, Girls and Lana Del Rey. And of course we had to included a few music videos for sheer spectacle like: Frankie Smith (Double Dutch Bus), Mayer Hawthorne (A Long Time) and the PS22 Chorus (performing an incredible cover of Under the Milky Way -by The Church).

The FYM Channel on Cull.TV, gives you all the music we are into: new, old, and just amazing in the form of video playlists (fully equipped with classic commercial interruptions). Click HERE to party! Think 120 minutes for the late-twenties too hip to be square generation. It's not for everyone, it's music forYoungModerns. Cheers, FYM

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