A FREE simple idea that many should take note of -Cull.TV is reinventing the way you watch music videos on the internet. This new website (cull.tv) is perfect for dorm rooms and house parties: CTV allows users to create customized music video playlists (that you can share with your friends) -Enjoy your selections in Cull.TV's sleek full-screen viewing format. The sites well placed hidden pop-up navigation provides a non-evasive experience, making the user feel like they're watching TV.

Since MTV for many years hasn't lived up to their acronym (where's the MUSIC on TV?) -fans of sonic cinema have been craving for a simple format to watch multiple music videos in one sitting (Cull.TV comes to the rescue). Obviously as AVID music lovers FYM has decided to start our own channel. We will be making special video playlists -just like what we've been doing on spotify. FYM's inaugural Cull.TV video playlist focuses on going BIG on the weekends (for all lifestyles). Let the party begin -kickoff your Friday night by clicking HERE. Rock out to a few old classics -paired with some of our new favorite artists such as Wallpaper, Pickwick and Lana Del ReyCheers, FYM.