FYM is currently hanging out in the Mission- San Francisco California USA. And Mariachi El Bronx is setting the vibe for us today, as we roll through the district, windows down kicking out the jams. Los Angeles punk band- The Bronx are now two extraordinary albums deep into their alter-ego (Mariachi El Bronx). This fall they will be touring arenas with the Foo Fighters- check out the very recent performance of Mariachi El Bronx (making their television debut) on The Tonight Show below:

Their second album titled Mariachi El Bronx(II) just came out Tuesday and it doesn't miss a beat. Standout tunes like "Norteno Lights" hit you with authentic instrumental prowess, and sweet vocal odes to love. Somehow a band that's about as in your face punk rock as it can get, pulls off the transition into a mariachi band seamlessly.

Mariachi El Bronx - Map Of The World

As heard above, with "Map of the World" we find swirling guitars complemented with a soaring horn section- that beams with vocal energy, a perfect soundtrack for defending your lady's honor during a Mexican Standoff. To fully understand what this band is all about encourage you to see Mariachi El Bronx live this fall. Now it's time for us to take advantage of our favorite burrito spot, Papalote. Cheers, FYM.

Words. Nick Codling. Editor. Graphic. J Thomas Codling.