PART TWO: When people typically associate food with music festivals- the thought of french fries, or a mediocre personal pan pizza comes to mind. As usual, San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival is raising the bar far and above- boasting some of the finest festival cuisine (ever) with over 50 restaurants from the Bay Area ready to cater to your munchies. Coined "Taste of the Bay Area 2011" Outside Lands has got foodies licking their chops with an impressive vendor lineup.

Farmer Brown's Little Skillet is going to be serving up Fried Chicken, Mac n' Cheese, Heirloom Watermelon slices, Mini Pecan Pie, and Red Velvet Cupcakes. Earlier this year, FYM's publicist treated his lady to Farmer Brown's via her request, and were extremely delighted with their Southern inspired edibles!

Namu is next on our must eat list, with intriguing Korean Tacos along with Chicken Yakitori, and Loco Moco. Get there early! Last year there was a long line at Namu, but this time around FYM is prepared to bear the wait (if needed) and sample this fantastic food combination.

The Little Chihuahua will be our next stop. These Outside Land festival first-timers will be offering up- Fried Plantain and Black Bean Burritos, Fajita Burritos, Tostada Salad, and Seasonal Agua Frescas. When The Little Chihuahua in Noe Valley opened FYM was immediately there, and soon we became regular patrons. Their Fried Plantain (and or) Black Bean Burrito is arguably two of our favorite vegetarian burrito choices in the Bay Area.

Mission Minis will be enticing us with Aztec Chocolate, Ruby Red Velvet, and Cinnamon Horchata miniature cupcakes. Drinking Horchata with a spicy Mexican meal is a soothing delight- but what could be better than pairing cupcakes and horchata together? We can't wait to try!

Words: Nick Codling. Graphic: J Thomas Codling. Photos: Yelp.
We have given you just a taste of the many highlights Outside Lands 2011 will offer. For more information click HERE to see the full list of vendors the make this festival rank high above the rest. Cheers, FYM.


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