Yesterday FYM spotlighted one band (playing this Friday) from each of the four event stages Block Party 2011 boasts. Today we will cover a hard to pass up Main Stage schedule happening on day two.

It's going to be tough pulling ourselves away from the main stage at Block Party on July 23rd, 2011. Our favorite Seattle hip-hop superheroes Champagne Champagne kick off an epic lineup this Saturday afternoon. A few months back we saw Pearl Dragon (of Champagne Champagne) jump on stage and freestyle a few bars at the k-OS (Canadian hip-hop superstar) concert live at the Crocodile. k-OS seemed very impressed by how motivated this kid is, which can be seen for yourself from 2:15-3:00pm. Check out their performance with THEESatisfaction on MTV:

Seattle Singer/Songwriter Christopher Mansfield who goes by the music moniker FENCES hits the stage at 3:30 for a 45min sonic voyage, followed by another local rocker- Michael Benjamin Lerner (Telekinesis) from 4:45-5:30pm will be most definitely playing cuts off his impressive 2011 Merge Records release 12 Desperate Straight Lines.

Watch the video above to understand why FYM is stoked to see the Handsome Furs (from 6:00-7:00pm) for the first time this weekend. Their brand of husband and wife, electro-post-punk (you can find me in the club) rock- shimmers with energy on their third record, Sound Kapital, released on Sub POP June 28th, 2011.

L.A. rock around the clock Mexican Summer darling's Best Coast will follow with an hour long set from 7:30-8:30pm on the main stage, and New York wild boy warriors- Les Savy Fav, will carry us into the sunset starting at 9:00pm and finishing up around 10:00pm.

TV ON THE RADIO closes out the night (10:30-11:59pm). Their latest record 9 Types of Light is a stunning merger of sound and vision. The entire record can be seen/heard above- making for a peerless cinematic experience (that Kanye only wishes he was creative enough to come up with). Check back tomorrow as we preview day three of The Capitol Hill Block Party. Cheers, FYM

Words. Graphics. J Thomas Codling.

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