Star Wars: The Complete (?) Saga (1977-2005) comes to Blu-ray for the first time ever, September 16th, 2011. The entire set can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon for $89.99 (List price: $139.99). But FYM really has no interest in the prequels, only the original three (which can be pre-ordered HERE for $44.99). 

The glaring issue with the branding of this Blu-ray set being 'complete' is the fact the ORIGINAL UNALTERED versions of A New Hope, Empire, and Jedi have all been omitted from this package! Just like in audio recording, digital is NOT always better, the CGI enhancements in the altered 90's versions detract from the flow of the original. The issue with digital has always been getting the color/lighting right for a realistic feel. We miss the days of filming miniature sets, even the building of huge sound stages, the use organic puppetry/robotics, whatever it took to be creative- to get a life-like feel to make this epic world a reality. 

Lucas has said in interviews it would be 'too expensive' to revamp the original on Blu-ray, this is coming from a man who has made billions off reissuing, repackaging, and merchandising one of the greatest movie series of all time. How can anything be too expensive... We'd like to think this decision has been made in-part due to Lucas and his ego. When the prequels came out we really wanted to like them... but the digital worlds built look sooo fake!- The shadows and lighting seem to always be just a bit off, never allowing us to get totally lost in each movies reality.

Coming back to ego, I am sure Lucas is aware, Empire and Jedi are arguably the best films in the series (all of which were not directed by him). So in an effort to meet his 'original' vision of how the saga should have been made- he tampered, and compromised the releases with these 'enhancements.' 

A perfect example of a box-set done right would be the 2007 release of Blade Runner on Blu-ray. Director Ridley Scott included every notable version of the movie in this set, including the original theatrical release (which he even admits is his least favorite version during an introduction before the film, but also goes on to say that he RESPECTS the fact that there is an audience who still loves that version). 

The original unaltered versions of the first series are out of print on DVD (but were released), and can be easily found used through sites like Amazon, or your local record store. Click HERE to purchase the unaltered versions on DVD. Knowing that Lucas loves making money, possibly more than keeping his ego happy, we look forward to a future release of the ORIGINAL series unaltered on Blu-ray, perhaps someday in a galaxy far far away. Cheers, FYM.

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