FYM started our weekend by celebrating two of our favorite singer-songwriters of the last decade- live at the Showbox SODO in Seattle Washington, USA. Once the breakthrough artists of 2001-2002, Pete Yorn, and Ben Kweller- (currently on tour together throughout the month of April), were a perfect sonic fit, each delivering a night of old classics, deep cuts, and new catchy jams.

On his own, Ben Kweller ripped through an impressive set filled with favorites like How It Should Be (Sha Sha) and stunning us with an amazing preview of new jams off his upcoming album 'Go Fly A Kite' or as Kweller called it live 'Go Fly A Kite Fuck You' -perhaps a shot at his former record label delaying the release of this album..

Kweller played the role of a pure spirit onstage, charming the audience with youthful presence and a light heart reminiscent of Arlo Guthrie.

Over the years Kweller's sound has evolved from witty hook-filled rockers to contemporary Alt-Country classics. We cannot wait to hear more of his new record Go Fly A Kite!

For all the latest news on what this master of thoughtful landscapes and well-written intimate anthems is up to check out his website: http://www.benkweller.com

Pete Yorn is a guy who deserves more credit for his seamless sonic contributions, while harvesting a formidable catalog over the past 10 years. Yorn opened the night with a stellar rendition of The Smiths fiery classic Panic. The songs theme of bemoaning the state of contemporary pop music, only seemed fitting for an artist (Yorn) whom we feel never quite achieved the commercial success his talents were due.

The Showbox SODO certainly packed in more fans that night, but what seemed to be a slightly dismayed Yorn- would have preferred a more intimate setting to perform in (like the Showbox at The Market) -remarking during the set that he only found out the night before that he was playing at this particular Showbox location.

But this evening had no damper. A nostalgic Pete Yorn along with his tight backing band, took us through the great journey that is hearing 2001's Masterpiece Music For The Morning After performed in its entirety live (one of only a few select dates he's doing this)!

Yorn delivered honest insight into the inner workings of his classic album. Remarking how some of the deeper cuts hadn't been played live in eight years. Midway through the set Yorn shared, This next song is the one that got me through the shit- subsequently breaking into his breakthrough single For Nancy (Cos It Already Is).

It was a beautiful event to experience such personal commission of a tremendous record heard in the same order as it has played countless times on our speakers.

Pete Yorn wrapped up the night with a grand encore, championing hits off his later releases like For Us- one of our favorites off Yorn's 2006 release Night Crawler.

Special thanks to Ben Kweller and Pete Yorn partnering on the road together. Kweller's rootsy kinetic vibe complimented an evening of profound heartbreaking tales buried in Pete Yorn's past.

Check out Pete Yorn's website to catch this tour in a city near you.

Cheers, FYM.

Words, Graphics. Photos. J Thomas Codling 

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