EDITORS NOTE ON THE VENUE: FYM has yet to have a bad experience while visiting one of Seattle's best live music venues, The Crocodile. The snobby pizza place once connected, has now been taken over by the The Crocodile. This means cheap prices on a pizza cooked in a top-notch oven ($6.50 for a large personal pizza- with all the toppings you want included). We definitely suggest eating there the next time you're going to a show. The pizza was a tasty pre-game treat before we headed over to the venue side for MEN! 

FYM J. Thomas Codling: Thoughts. Graphics. Photos.

For those of you not in the know, MEN formed after Le Tigre decided to go on hiatus. What started as a DJ/remix/production team, has since turned into an inspiring art meets music sonic collective. (Above) J.D. Samson: Leader of MEN, currently owns the feminist electro-punk at the disco pop spectrum with the debut record Talk About Body. FYM caught MEN at their finest, live Monday evening at The Crocodile in Seattle. 

The packed house united on the dance floor, while moving to the very best of MEN's signature pop expressions (Credit Card Babie$, Boom, Boom, Boom, and Off Our Backs- to name a few). What makes MEN so special is how they blend hook-filled ambient constructions with thoughtful timely messages on contemporary issues (with focus on the LGBT community). Their music is just as intellectually stimulating as it is fun to dance to. 

MEN worked the audience in front of a Who Am I To Feel So Free backdrop- dominating a crowd full of enthusiastic faces. Other highlights included J.D. Samson displaying shaman-like qualities of groove driven introspection during an unforgettable version of Simultaneously

(Click Image To Expand For Greater Detail)

Topping the previous, tune after tune- MEN live, championed the joy of music and the observance of freedom.  J.D. Samson and crew are artful trail-blazers, purveying music with rich heart, and undeniable dance floor prowess. FYM sister city- San Francisco will be hosting MEN tomorrow evening at the Rickshaw Stop click here for more info.

Another reason why Monday night at The Crocodile was so special was the solid local opening line-up who performed before MEN- one of which was Stickers (Pictured Above). Featuring strong tell it like it is vocal commandments of garage fuzz fusion.

(Click Image To Expand For Greater Detail)

For some reason, their set reminded us of Bill Pullman's Jazz Club Saxophone scenes in David Lynch's Lost Highway. It was dark powerful feminist rock, with impressive flourishes of sax, and lots of formidable energy. It was our first time seeing them, and we definitely want to see Stickers again soon! Check out their Facebook for more information! 

And how could we forget about Secret Shoppers (who opened the evening). These Seattle up-and-comers impressed FYM with their unique spirit, honesty and openness to their sonic craft. Lead singer Evan Rodd controlled the stage with charisma, showcasing solid ambient vocals, and the ability to work the crowd.

Rodd's stage counterpart was a psyched-out wailing wizard, who took us on a scaling journey of atmosphere. Our only complaint about their set was the guitar amp seemed to be up waaay to high, subjugating their digital backing beats, and the lead vocals. Check out their Facebook

FYM had a blast Monday night at The Crocodile, thanks to MEN and two solid Seattle openers. Cheers, to everyone for making it such a special event! Email J. Thomas Codling your thoughts here. 



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