For the past year and a half FYM has been on the hunt for a proper cut in Seattle. A chance encounter (during a holiday yacht party on Lake Washington) with Emerson Salon Manager Franz Falkowski, changed everything. We have the kind people at Emerson Salon to thank for giving this Art Director a great last minute haircut before FYM went on holiday last week.

(Left: Franz Falkowski Right: Stylist Ellen Yates Graphic By: J. Codling)

Ellen Yates (Now, FYM's go-to Seattle Stylist) did a fantastic job working on thick-curly hair. She took her time, listened to my ideas, and even was thoughtful enough to do finishing touches on any wild-ends after my hair was dry. It was the best hair experience we've had in Seattle.

(Left: FYM Art Director on New Years rockin' his Blade Runner cut Right: FYM security guard Emily Codling) 

The Salon itself is located in the heart of Capitol Hill in Seattle (909 East Pike Street). Boasting warm inviting textures and a welcoming staff, this classic setting will put any guest at ease. We are so excited about finding such a great stylist like Ellen finally in Seattle. It was the perfect first step before our holiday, and many thanks is sent out for that. Please check out Emerson's well-designed website, and stop in for a hip-reasonably priced high-end haircut soon.



(Click image to expand. Photo By Edwin Ross) 

(Photo By Edwin Ross: Emerson Salon Interior Shot)

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