Early this morning (we're talking real early) FYM's resident Spirit Guide Di Rebecca caught several beautiful shots on camera, of an event that last happened 372 years ago (a lunar eclipse on the winter solstice). If you didn't get a chance to see the event with your own eyes, Di was kind enough to share a few photos with us:

The Winter Solstice is a nice time to reflect on the spiritual side of mental standings. And for those of you who seek peace, love, and understanding, we suggest journeying to Petaluma California USA soon. That's where you will find our very talented resident Spirit Guide Di Rebecca and the positive vibes emitting from the Community for Spiritual Living Petaluma.

CSLP believes in creating community by honoring the inherent perfection of all people (that's something everyone can get behind). Their top notch Well-Being Center offers chiropractics, acupuncture, nutrition, massage, reiki, doula and prayer services. 

Community for Spiritual Living Petaluma is also home to the stellar Sacred Word Bookstore featuring: an excellent selection of new & used metaphysical books, CD's, statuary, jewelry, incense, flags, drums, and so on. This place is a trip, truly an integrated Body/Mind/Spirit connection space/community. 

(Photo from: Manose & Friends live at CSLP) 

For more information visit their TwitterFacebook, and Website. Thanks again to Diane for sharing her amazing photos of the lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice. 

Cheers, Happy Solstice!


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di said...

Wow! I am so incredibly honored and grateful for this, Jesse! Here's to a warm, loving holiday season to you and all of your FYM friends. Peace, di

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