In the spirit of timely internal reflection, we are pleased to drop some holiday knowledge on our non-Seattle viewers. Cult-celebrity (in Seattle) and car insurance salesman Vern Fonk has released a collection of possibly the most entertainingly creepy, and clever local auto-insurance commercials anyone has ever made.

This is Vern's extremely politically correct Holiday commercial:

Vern Fonk's 30-second spots put Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! to shame. If we weren't total hippies who sold our cars before moving to Seattle, FYM would totally buy from Vern, purely based on his series of genius spoofs on pop culture, pimpin' his auto insurance. Other favorites include the satires of Napoleon Dynamite, Back to the Future, and the Shapoopi Cowboy.

Will, Nick, and Jesse would like to wish all of our readers, our warmest regards during this Holiday Season. Remember what The Avett Brothers say, If you're loved by someone, you're never rejected. Decide what to be and go be it.