(Yeah, read that title again: this is about Lost. You better believe there are SPOLIERS in this post.)

It's been roughly two and a half months since Lost flashed from the airwaves forever in a great, bright light. The writers and producers of the show will continue to argue that Lost's many unresolved questions were not the questions that the viewers were supposed to be searching for, as questions about fate, the afterlife, and soulmates were apparently supposed to trump questions about electromagnetism and quantum physics. Many of us may still be left in a daze, and if a repeated viewing of the series will help us sort things out, this will surely help:

On August 24th, the entire series (along with the final sixth season on its own) is released DVD and Blu-Ray as a slick, hefty, and pricey box set that will certainly be a must-have for those of us who were entranced by the show the moment Jack Shepherd rose from the ground in the bamboo patch. The giant box set comes with what they're calling a 'custom island replica', a Senet board game that lil' Jacob and 'lil Man in Black were seen playing in season 6, and, among many other things, a Dharma Initiative black light that can be used to uncover hidden messages scrawled throughout the box set's packaging. It's basically a Lost nerd's dream.

But what about the series itself? This FYM writer initially guffawed heartily at what seemed like an extremely campy, overtly Christian ending. The series ended up feeling like you've been lectured to, against your will, by one of those creepily religious aunts or uncles or cousins that your family may or may not have. But, alas, the ending that was once shrugged off as beautiful and stupid (or, as I like to put it: the Sarah Palin of series finales) has been a relatively constant (no puns, Lost fans) fixture on the mind in the months since.

Even if you're a nonbeliever in things that are truly just silly science-fiction like smoke monsters and an afterlife, the series definitely left rewarding. Maybe it wasn't because of its ending, per se, but more of the characters themselves, as they often felt as real as folks you've known for years, and of course, it's always sad to see someone you know go.

Light at the end of the tunnel:

But, apparently all it takes is one bad decision by Rivers Cuomo to stain Lost's legacy:

Yes, that is the official album cover art for Weezer's new album, Hurley. Seems that since Weezer's ability to write good songs expired a long time ago, they've resorted to using ABC/Disney to sell their records instead. Though perhaps, Rivers, who was raised on a Buddhist Zen Center and practices Vipassana Meditation, sees Lost's Hurley for what he evolved into by the end of the series: as a sort of Buddha figure (he certain fits the physical description) protecting the Island.

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