Remember that weird part of the high-school parking lot, where kids hung-out by the tennis courts before class (getting stoned, and playing hacky-sack) wearing black on the outside, because black is how they feel on the inside? We DO, very well.

And every Friday night (freak-night) we would meet at an all ages goth/alternative/80's remnant called Off Limits. It was the type of place where you smoked your first cigarette, and nurtured a friend on a bad acid trip. Every week we would go here, and under the neon-drenched smoke filled room, an angst-ridden group of teenagers would bellow and shake. 

One song in particular (not smells like teen-spirit) made the group of black cotton t-shirts coalesce unlike any other tune on the dance-floor, Toadies "Possum Kingdom." The axe grinding, infectious guitar-riff opening builds into the pinnacle Shakespearean question- "DO YOU WANNA DIE?" over and over we screamed. The powerful song was like music therapy for all these souls with no place to go. The kids weren't alright, and somehow we could all relate to the grim lyrics, sexual innuendoes, and the mention of Jesus. 

The Toadies were pretty HUGE at one time, Rubberneck went platinum, but Interscope gave their next album the shaft (which is finally out now!). What's amazing is "Possum Kingdom" has never really gone away from rock radio... finding its lakeside tale of murder, or loss of virginity, or vampirism (we like thinking its about vampires) continuing to put a thorn in the side of contemporary douche rock radio today (here's looking at you nickelback). Do people really understand what they are humming along to these days?

Sixteen turbulent years after the release of Rubberneck, we find the Toadies walking on stage to Bernard Hermann's fitting song "Twisted Nerve" (the kill bill whistle song). FYM had no idea what to expect, but what we witnessed is yet another reason why we looove going to live shows. Complete floor shaking chaos, with a head-banging crowd of all ages, competing with lead singer Todd Lewis as to who could sing the loudest to songs like, "Backslider," "Heel," and "I Come From The Water" (the closer).

The concert was a sincerely unique celebration of music, filled with relentless clapping, and devout fan acclimations! It was a triumphant moment to hear Lewis say "we are going to play a few tunes off the new record Feeler" (which should have been their followup to Rubberneck in 1997) We have literally never have seen an audience so passionate about a band playing live, which is a true testament to how important and glorious the Toadies music is. 

And as "Possum Kingdom" played later in the set, I stood by holding onto the hand of the same girl whom I used to awkwardly try and look cool in front of when I was 15, at Off Limits, the Toadies performance truly made it on to my list of top 5 personal best moments of my life. 

(Editors Note: Going into this FYM had a healthy love for the Toadies, but by no means could we ever live-up to their truly reverent following of fans. This was a surprisingly special event, and we thank the Toadies for letting us be a part of it, and choosing to comeback and kick some ass again!).

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