Spacehog continued to fuel their resurgence with a show at Sunset Strip locale The Key Club on Tuesday night. The band looked and sounded refreshed and energetic (with confidence firmly captured behind the rock star sunglasses that seemed permanently attached to singer Royston Langdon's face) as they tore through a set that included songs new and old, hard-rocking and spaced-out.

Check out a video of their smash 1996 single "In the Meantime" at last night's show, shot front-and-center by FYM:

Even though the group are natives of England and actually formed in New York City, they are no stranger to the Hollywood lifestyle, as singer and bassist Langdon is the ex-husband and father of the child of Liv Tyler. (And you're pretty much guaranteed to become famous with a name like Royston Langdon). They paid homage to this fact by performing a song titled "Sunset Blvd" that is a shoe-in for appearing on their forthcoming fourth studio album, and first since 2001's The Hogyssey.

Highlights of Spacehog's set included the Langdon solo rarity "Cool Water", with it's rhythm perpetually building up until its refrain of "When I dream, I dream of you" offers release, and also the band's own eponymously titled theme song, "Spacehog", a glam punk song from their debut Resident Alien album that wouldn't sound too out of place on a Nuggets collection.

Spacehog will continue to work on their new album, and their next scheduled live dates aren't until September, with a show at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh on September 23 and another at The Basement in Columbus, Ohio on September 26. Be sure to follow them on Twitter HERE and at their official site HERE.

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(All photos by Will Sellers)