On Saturday June 19th, the Make Music Pasadena festival returns to the streets of beautiful Pasadena, California. Pasadena is definitely one of the best parts of Los Angeles, and even though it is technically a little bit out of the beaten path of the more popular areas of LA, the city still manages to put on quite a rad music festival every June.

2008's festival was highlighted with performances by The Raveonettes and LA greats Autolux. Last year featured appearances by Mirah, The Whispertown 2000, and Pasadena's own singer-songwriter Daniel Brummel (most notably of Ozma).

This year Make Music Pasadena is headlined by three very contrasting, yet very much acclaimed, bands in Matt & Kim, The Antlers, and Warpaint.

Matt & Kim make erratic and catchy indie pop and like to strut about in the nude in Times Square in their music videos (video probably NSFW, even though it's blurred):

The Antlers, on the other hand, released one of the finest albums of 2009 with Hopstice, which is a concept album about the singer's experience working in a New York hospital and falling in love with a schizophrenic and terminally ill young female patient. A number of gorgeous epic songs reflect the very morose plot of the album. Here's the video for the excellent "Two":

LA locals Warpaint also hit the festival with their breezing, ethereal art pop music. Check the video for Warpaint's "Elephants":

The festival is FREE and is located throughout central Pasadena on June 19. Click here for more info.


iowanick said...

I like that it's obviously incredibly cold on that Matt & Kim video and yet they strip down to nothing!

Anonymous said...

Hey just want to let you know the date is Saturday, June 19th (not Sunday, June 21)

thanks for the post!

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